Inner City Progress Initiative
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A Plan For The Progress Of Inner City Residents

The Inner City Progress Initiative (ICPI) is a plan that is designed to assist inner City residents in positively moving their communities forward. The plan details the methods whereby Cities may make progress in economic, social, educational and housing disciplines. 

Although ICPI is not a church plan, it relies heavily on church members and Pastors for its success. Dr. Sammie Holloway, Pastor of the Breath Of Life Christian Center Church in Memphis, TN, spearheads a national effort to implement the plan in America's Cities. Citing the inner City communities as a deeply wounded segment of American society, Dr. Holloway contends that a national undertaking in accordance with the mission, goals and objectives of the ICPI plan should be implemented  in the inner Cities of America immediately.

Committing his ministry, Morning Star Worldwide Ministries of Memphis, and his foundation, W. A. Sesley Foundation For Wayward Youth to the effort, Rev. Pastor W. A. Sesley has been on board with the ICPI program from its beginning. Through his Foundation for Wayward Youth, Rev. Sesley has developed written guidelines for Cities' participation in the ICPI program, as well as witten guidelines for individual church participation in the Come Home To Family phase of the program.  "The ICPI plan identifies the most enthusiastic, willing and able volunteers needed to revitalize our Cities under the ICPI plan, our church women." reflected Rev. Sesley. "We will make it work for the benefit of all inner City residents," Rev. Sesley emphatically stated. 


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